Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion Friday with Etsy, Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

That's right, bring on the Brady's!
For today's Fashion Friday we're doing all things Marsha.
I hope you're as excited as I am.

The Outfit:
Happy Day Vintage has this groovy little number appropriately titled The Marsha Brady Dress listed for only $22.00

The 1960s vintage COBBIES white LEATHER buckle heels can be found at
Yesterdays New Vintage for $30.00

The Hair:
Marsha was known for her gorgeous long golden locks. She always brushed her hair 100 times before going to bed.
The Vintage 1960's Brush Set can be found at Morasha Jewelry for $7.00

Time for the grand total...
To get the complete Marsha Brady look, shopping only on Etsy, it will cost you

This is where I normally end the Fashion Friday blog post but not today. I'm having too much fun and must continue with the beloved Marsha Brady. Please, take a trip down memory lane with me....

Episode 24: THE POSSIBLE DREAM: Marcia fills her diary with thoughts of Desi Arnez Jr. , but it's accidentally given away, and after a search of used book stores it's recovered during a visit from the man himself.
The Vintage Green Unused 70's Diary can be found at Toffie's Lost and Found for $10.00

Episode 44: THE LIBERATION OF MARSHA BRADY: Marcia tries to join Greg's scouting group to prove girls can do anything boys can. The boys retaliate by having Peter join Marcia's scouting group, the Sunflower Girls.
Boy Scout Handbook -- 1970 can be found at Rush of Wings for $12.00

Episode 68: GETTING DAVY JONES: Marcia promises she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school then finds he's not as easy to reach as she thought until he tracks her down after overhearing her with his manager.
The Vintage Davy Jones Bobble Head Doll can be found at
The Vintage Vendor for $18.00

Episode 104: MARCIA GETS CREAMED: Marcia, then Peter, then Jan all get jobs at Haskell's IceCream Shop when the manager takes time off until Peter, then Marcia get the boot.
The Icecream Social Vintage Anchor Hocking Footed Icecream Bowls Set of 6 can be found at Jen's Closet for $21.50

Thank you for reading our Fashion Friday blog post featuring the one and only Marsha Brady.
If you have ideas on Fashion Friday's you would like to see in the future, please leave us a comment.
Have a Happy Day!


  1. So dang adorable I smiled through the whole thing. Loves it!

  2. omg... this is a HOOT! Great finds... and even better story lines!! :)


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