Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Courtney Love Cobain

Get out your catchers mitt because I'm about to name drop. I want to be sure you catch it... Yesterday I sold these lamps to Courtney Love Cobain.
Mrs. Cobain,
Thank you for your business. I hope you enjoy your "new" lamps.

Thank you for reading the HDV blog.
Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Friday - BA-NA-NAS!

This week I have decided to feature stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe. She is over the top and puts the Mod in MODern. I adore her.

Here are just a few RZ Etsy remakes. Let me just say this is the scaled down version... I had over 15 examples of how Etsy can bring you the RZ look for less.

1960's Orange Print Maxi Dress $45.00

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Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fashion Friday - Vintage Support

This post is dedicated to my support team. You know who you are!
I am a mother of two amazing children and I'm in my early 30's. As I get older I am starting to understand a support system, in all aspects of my life, is essential to living a good life. Recently, while purchasing a new set of bras, I was made aware of how important a good support system is for the....aahhhemmmm... "girls". Buying a set of new bras made me wonder what kind of vintage lingerie is featured on Etsy. Voila, today's Fashion Friday Blog post was born.


Left: 1950's Vintage Bra No. 1 $45.00
Upper Right: Vintage Black Bullet Bra 36D $20.00
Lower Right: Vintage 60's Bustier Bullet Bra 46C $49.99


The Sexy Sixties Nightie:
Left: Vintage 1970's Racy Red Lace Nightgown $12.50
Upper Right: Vintage Yellow Chiffon Pegnoir Set $40.00
Lower Right: Vintage 1960's Oh So Fabulous Mod Nightie $20.00

A special thank you to my husband, kids, Stacey, Mom, Jen, and LaLa. With out these people HDV would be non existent. I love and appreciate you all for the SUPPORT you give me, the role you play in my life, and the role you play in HDV.
Thank you for reading the HDV Blog.
Have a Happy Day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fashion Friday - The Real Housewives

I love me some Real Housewives. Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and Orange County - I love them all. It's my greatest guilty pleasure. Last night the Atlanta Housewives finished up the Reunion show and the Orange County season premiered.
I wanted to do a little tribute to the Real Housewives and their fabulous sense of style. I opted to feature the Atlanta Housewives since their season just wrapped up. The girls are larger then life and wear hot outfits. That said, I contend I can find nearly the same outfits, which are vintage (therefore much more original), at a much much much lower cost.

Miss NeNe
Leather Coat: Vintage Caramel Colored Leather Coat $80.00

Upper Left: Vintage Style Wide Elastic Belt in White with Gold Buckle $9.50
Lower Left: Miss Kandi
Upper Right: Antique Vintage Charm Necklace $165.00
Lower Right: Forest Green Lace Trim Blouse $11.99

Lower Left: Vintage Silky Bathrobe with Lace Trim $14.00
Upper Right: Vintage Pink Sleeveless Wiggle Dress $45.00

Outfit: GOTTEX DEADSTOCK Designer High End Blue White Polka Dot Wide Leg Jumpsuit NEW Sz Medium M $200.00

Thank you for reading the HDV blog
Have a Happy Day!

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