Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fashion Friday - Getting ready for Halloween with Daphne

First and foremost I apologize for my lack of vintage love this past week. My computer has been at "The Dr" (what my daughter calls it) for the last couple days. Turns out it needs a new hard drive. I won't get it back for another three days. I feel naked without my computer. Lucky for me I was able to hijack my husbands computer for tonight because Fashion Friday MUST GO ON!!!!!

Well, it's hard to believe but it's that time of year already... the days are getting shorter, kids are getting ready for school, and the hot summer days are coming to an end. All this means one thing- HALLOWEEN!!! Do you have your costume ready? Don't worry I'm here to help. I'll find you an unique and cheap costume shopping only on Etsy.

Today's Fashion Friday/Halloween Honey is Daphne from Scooby Doo.

The Shoes: Vintage 60s Lavender Purple Patent Shoes QualiCraft $30.00
The Dress: Vintage 60s Mod Purple Spring Day Dress $36.00
The Scarf: Chevron Print Necklace With Chandelier Pendant $32.00
The Headband: MULBERRY SILK 3 Inch Wide Soft Fabric Headband $8.00

There you have it. A fantastic Halloween costume and you didn't have to battle the crowds to find it. Not to mention it's vintage and fabulous! Oh, and it only cost you $106.00!!!!
Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog
Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Friday - Fashion from the background

This weeks Fashion Icon isn't the most glamorous. She isn't even the most beautiful. She is, however, the most crabby Fashion Icon who has ever graced the pages of the HDV blog. Who is she? Those of you who read the Mary Tyler Moore edition of Fashion Friday know exactly who I'm talking about. That's right, SHE'S BAAAACK!!!! It's the "Stink Eye Lady" from the infamous Mary Tyler Moore picture below. I couldn't help myself, I had to recreate her. Let's get to it! We are going to recreate the outfit of the "Stink Eye Lady" shopping only on Etsy:

Our Inspiration...The "Stink Eye Lady" circled in this photo:

****Side Note: I must tell you up front is listed for only $50.00!!!! A steal of a deal for a winter coat, let alone a vintage/one-of-a-kind winter coat****
wrapped snugly to keep her tiny little body warm while she gives Mary the cold shoulder.

1950's 1960's Coat Swing Trapeze Gorgeous chinchilla collar

$50.00 at Stiletto Girl Vintage

clutched tightly in her fist as though she fears the crazy woman throwing up her hat (Mary Tyler Moore) is insane enough to try and steal her handbag.
XL Faux Ostrich Skin Handbag
$33.50 at Bajue Boutique

Tightly wrapped around her head protecting her newly set hair dew. Surly the ladies at the parlor will get a kick out of this story. Really, who would be crazy enough to throw their hat up in the middle of downtown Minneapolis?

Vintage Vera Neumann 21 inch Scarf Dots N Stripes Brown Orange White

$9.00 At Blue Rose Retro

Perfect and pristine. Not a spec of dirt on them. Unlike the crazy lady's hat which is about to fall on the ground and become dirty.

VTG White Gloves with Textured Snakeskin Pattern

$8.00 at Erin Jade

Out Fit total:

So there you have it. A winter outfit fit for even the coldest of places, and people.
Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog.
Have a Happy Day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Butterfly Treasury

Happy Day Vintage his honored to be part of this bright and cheery treasury. Looking at it makes me happy. Thank you Sandrastju for including the Happy Day Vintage Yellow Butterfly dress in this treasury.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fashion Friday with Etsy, A Colorful Vintage Living Room

We're switching it up a little this week. After finding this fabulous picture of a colorful living room which was furnished with almost all vintage goodies, I thought our Fashion Friday with Etsy could be recreating a part of this lovely room...
Whimsical, vibrant, and full of character, this room just screams charming. Cozy enough to sit on the couch and read a book or chat with your dearest friend over a cup of coffee. Isn't it delightful?

Let's focus on one little corner of the room...
A mod lamp with a drum shade and a yellow box that it sits on. A TV tray used as an end table. A cute little scottie planter used as a flower vase. A lovely bronze leaf. Add a vintage throw pillow and frame and voila! No need to buy new to recreate this... let's go shopping on Etsy!
TV Tray: Vintage TV Tray, $47.00
Vintage throw pillow: Vintage Crewel Flower Pillow, $24.00

Happy decorating and Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Day Vintage Celebrates One Year!

Today marks one year of Happy Day Vintage!
We are so excited! To celebrate our anniversary we are offering 25% off our WHOLE SHOP! One day only! Thank you for being a part of our vintage love! Here are some pics of some of our favorite items that have sold the past year and a few that have yet to be purchased...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Friday with Etsy, Mary Tyler Moore

A couple weeks ago I asked the Happy Day Vintage FaceBook Fans who they would like to see featured on the next Happy Day Vintage Fashion Friday Blog post. Stacy, from Washington, suggested Mary Tyler Moore.
Stacy's suggestion "hit home" since I live in the Minneapolis Metro area (where Mary Richards was from). Mary is the PERFECT Fashion Friday Icon. This one is for you Stacy thank you for the suggestion!

Let's get this party started!, shopping only on Etsy - as usual...

Outfit One:
Suit: Vintage Skirt and Jacket 1970's Mod Nautical Style Size 4/6/8 $24.00
Bag: Vintage Samsonite Airline Carry On Travel Bag Yellow Gold Mustard $55.00
Shoes: Vintage 1970's Mod Lemon Yellow Patent Heels $18.00
Outfit Total: $97.00

Outfit Two:
Coat and Dress: Rona of New York Dress and Jacket 1960's Checked Mod Preppy $44.99
Boots: Vintage 1960's 1970's Twiggy Esque Black Leather Battani Lace Up Boots $75.00
Beret: Black and Silver Elegant Beret $40.00
Outfit Total: $159.99

Suit: Vintage 70's Mod Rainbow Plaid 2 pc A-line Summer Short Sleeve Suit $31.00
Scarf: Chic Riviera Vintage Scarf $10.00
Traincase: Don't Keep Me Closed Blue Traincase $18.00
Shoes: Vintage Powder Blue Leather Wedges $22.00
Outfit Total: $81.00

So there you have it...three great Mary Tyler Moore inspired outfits.
Before I end the Mary Tyler Moore blog post I must leave you with this....
For those of you who have watched the opening to her show, you know the infamous scene where Mary throws her beret into the air. My mom once pointed out the lady (circled in the picture below) giving Mary the stink eye. I laugh every time I see this lady. I hope she makes you laugh too.

More to make you laugh...
My oldest sister, Vivus, just brought to my attention, and I admit I had never noticed this before as I was too distracted by the "stink eye lady", the woman in the foreground of the picture. My sister wrote:
"Okay, then note the woman in the foreground of the picture. You can only see the back of her out-of-a-bottle colored head but you know she had whipped that noggin around to see what that crazy lady was throwing up in the air. She almost walked right into the camera man she was so distracted by Mary! I would love to see her expression. "
Regarding the "stink eye lady" my sister wrote (sorry, my sister cracks me up so I had to add this to my blog):
"Lets give props to the stink eye lady. She is priceless. I love the pursed lips and the plastic rain bonnet that you can fold up accordion style and slip back into matching envelope style thing ..she just looks so permanently crabby. You wonder what she thought of her famous mug shot? Did she tell her friends/family that was her? Or, maybe they recognized her right away? It seems we all have known someone who looks just like that!"
Nicely said, Vive. Thank you for your comments on "stink eye lady" and the "hair dyed diva".

Thanks for reading the Happy Day Vintage Mary Tyler Moore Fashion Friday Blog Post.
Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009




Why I love what I do...

One of the many reasons why I love what I do....

Yesterday, on one of my many treasure hunts, I found and purchased the Sesame Street Little People Clubhouse- I have fond memories playing with this toy. This morning my two kids sat, in their jammies, and played, giggled, worked together, etc... It made my heart happy.

Have a Happy Day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mad About Madmen

I'm mad about Madmen. I've only watched half of the first season and still have a lot to catch up on before Season 3 starts in a few weeks, but I just love the fashion in this show. It is set in 1960's New York where everyone smokes, everyone drinks, and women dress to the "T". Even poor Betty, whose big wig advertising husband is cheating on her while she stays at home like a good 1960's housewife.

So, I thought it would be fun to get the Madmen look only at Etsy....
Every woman needs a cigarette case. $24.00.
A typical dress for at day at home with the kids. $260.00
Stylish ashtrays for at home or at work. $19.00
Red high heels are also a must. $24.99
A mini travel bar so a cocktail is always available. $14.99
Every housewife needs a sheer apron. $6.00

Thank you for reading and have a Happy Day!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fashion Friday - Little Orphan Annie

Oh how I loved this movie as a little girl. I, as I know 99% of you did, would reenact the scenes and pretend to be Annie. Actually, in my case, I was Molly and my older sister got to be Annie (she always got her way).

As I'm sure you have already figured out this weeks Fashion Friday Icon is Annie. Alright, so she's not the most obvious choice. In fact, as I write this my husband looked over at my computer and said "Annie?" as though he disapproved of my choice. We all know that little red dress, the movie, the songs, the dance routines, etc...need I say more?

As of this week Happy Day Vintage is selling VINTAGE CHILDREN'S CLOTHING!!!! The "Sweet Little Sailor" red dress is the first piece of children's clothing to be listed in the Happy Day Vintage shop. Although it's not an exact replica of the infamous Annie dress ...the bright red color, crisp white lines, and face framing collar mimic Annie's outfit but keeps the sweet "baby-ish" look.

Keep checking Happy Day Vintage for more kids clothing in the near future. We have a number of sweet outfits and cannot wait to list them on our Etsy shop.

Have a Happy Day!

*My sincere apologies for listing this post late. My husband and myself took our two fabulous kids to see their Grandma and Grandpa. For some reason I had trouble getting connected to the network and therefore couldn't publish this weeks fashion Friday on time.

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