Friday, February 7, 2014

Playing Dress Up

A client/friend recently sent me the picture (below) of a Pottery Barn Vanity Dress Up Station.  She requested I create something similar for her young, and absolutely adorable,daughter. 
My daughter is now eight years old and beyond the 'dress up' stage.  Actually, she never really got into playing dress up.  My point?, I have long wanted to do a project like this but haven't had the need to... until now.
I've been doing a little research and have found a couple great options. Which one do you like best?

  A simple dresser turned personal cute!  I can easily imagine a cute little girl hanging up and pulling out dresses as she stands before her 'closet' in her moms high heels.

I love the above recreation for the simple fact it has everything a little princess-wanna be needs. What tot wouldn't want a dress up station that has full vanity complete with lights, a closet and still enough room for accessories?  

Another dresser, just a smaller version. 

The above is not my favorite but it's creative non the less. 

What dress up station would you choose if you were a young girl.  If you have a daughter, please chime in (either in the comments of this blog or on my Facebook page). Which would you want for your daughter? 

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