Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Day Gift Guide - For the Modern Dad

Modern Dads are not what they used to be. The modern Dad works, cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids, is stylish, knows the latest trends, and looks good doing it all. This year, don't get him the standard Father's Day gift. Give him something different, something no other Dad will have. Give him something environmentally friendly. Give him something he'll love and cherish. Give him something that will bring back fond memories of his younger years. Happy Day Vintage has gifts for Dad that will accomplish all those things in one gift! The best part...we can do it at a low cost (you don't need to tell Dad about that part).

Let's get Started!

For the Dad who Travels

The Dad who travels needs a trendy suitcase to give him a masculine and professional look. These six suitcases are up for the challenge.
When not being used for travel the Fly Daddy can place these on a shelf in his office creating artistic additional storage.
Top Row Left: Black Chevron Striped Bowling Bag $17.00
Top Row Middle: Caribbean Sea Samsonite Suitcase $45.00
Top Row Right: Contour II Samsonite Navy Blue Medium Hardshell Suitcase $41.00
Large Picture Lower Left: Copper American Tourister Suitcase $36.00
Lower Right -Top Picture: Blue as Sky Set of Small Suitcases $52.00
Lower Right: Mod Plaid Tapestry Suitcase $39.00

Gadgets for Dad's Office:

It seems the majority of men love electronics and/or gadgets. If this statement holds true for your Fly Daddy then the four vintage items shown above will make perfect Father's Day gifts.
Top Left: Dad's Retro Printing Calculator $34.00
Top Right: Retro Taylor Weather Station $26.00
Lower Left: Vintage Westinghouse Taupe Fan $60.00
Lower Right: Red Sears Electric Typewriter $89.00

For the Dad who's off to Work:
The Green Briefcase $27.00 is a must have for the Dad who brings home his work after a long day at the office. Large enough to fit a lap top as well as put all his paper work and files in the compartments provided.

There you have it, a few great gift ideas for Father's Day. Check out Happy Day Vintage for more great gifts. Also, Happy Day Vintage has men's vintage suit jackets and ties. Just send us a convo if they are not listed.
Thank you and have a Happy Day
and a
Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Those gift ideas are cool and at reasonable prices. However, you may also include special Fathers Day Discounted Suits especially designed for cool dads out there. Have a happy gift hunting for your dads!


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