Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Friday with Vintage Etsy - 2010 Most Wearable Spring Trends

Check out the Glamour Fashion website for "Spring 2010's Most Wearable Trends". I have highlighted four of those fashion trends in this weeks Fashion Friday with Vintage Etsy.

Left: Inspiration photo from Glamour Fashion
Vintage TiE DyE Lavender Violet Crochet Ruffle MiNi Dress $48.00
Upper Right: alice in wonderland Vintage Green/Pink TieDye Bustier CORSET lace up MINI dress $70.00
Lower Right: TIE-DYE 70's 80's Vintage Mini BOHO Smock DRESS XS-M $42.00

Friendship Bracelets and Not-So-Yellow Mellow
Left: Inspiration photo from Glamour Fashion
LEMON YELLOW SUN...vintage 70s polka dot secretary dress XS S $42.00
Right:Vintage Rainbow Bengal Bracelets $14.00

Polka Dots
Far Left: Inspiration picture from Glamour Fashion
Middle Left:Vintage Red and White Polka Dot Dress $30.00
Middle Right: Vintage 70's Polka Dot Dress $55.00
Far Right:
1980's Polka Dot Dress w Patent Leather Belt $19.50

The Multiprint Dress

Left: Inspiration photo from Glamour Fashion
Right: 1980s Wrap Top Frock in Gorgeous Multicolors $29.00

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Dana Douglas

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Beyonce and the Pin Up Girls

I love Beyonce in the Lady Gaga "Telephone" video. It reminds me of a 50's Pin Up girl. Beyonce is our inspiration for today's Fashion Friday. With spring break right around the corner I figured pin up girl swimsuits would be the perfect blog post.
Here are just a few of my favorites Etsy has to offer:

Rare 1950's Ultimate Pin Up girl Red Convertible Swimsuit Bathing Suit Original Rose Marie Reid $265.00
From: Tavern 7

Vintage 1950's Jansen Swimsuit $95.00
from Lip Stick Whiskey

Left: 1950's Swimsuit Playsuit Tiki of Beverly Hills $79.00
Middle: 1960's Swimsuit Robby Len Swimfashions $67.00
Right: 1960's Nude Illusion Swimsuit Sea Lure $74.00
from Tiddleywink

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Dana Douglas

Friday, March 19, 2010

An Inspirational Room the Etsy Way

I've had a bit of a writers block, when it comes to Fashion Friday, lately. I guess my creative juices have been focused on other Happy Day Vintage projects (to be discussed/featured in blogs in the upcoming weeks).
This week I decided to bring back one of my favorite original blog posts. The items featured in this post have, for the most part, been sold but check out the shops as they feature more amazing vintage treasures.

Today's inspiration room is from the Rooted in Style Studio.
THE INSPIRATION ROOM:Isn't it fantastic?! Okay, now let's recreate this room shopping only from our beloved Etsy...

Item One
From Inspiration Room
The Wicker Blue Chair

The Etsy Find:
A little blue paint or leave it as it - this chair follows the lines of the chair in the inspiration room. A seat cushion would warm this up and create a comfortable area to page through your favorite gossip magazines or enjoy a glass of wine...whatever suits your fancy.
Find this chair at the Etsy shop
Coco Beauvier

Item Two
From the Inspiration Room
Red Bamboo Side Table

The Etsy Find:The detail on this table is similar to the character/detail found on the table in the inspiration room. Paint the Etsy table a bright color, add a basket to the bottom and you've got yourself an original piece of vintage art to accent your favorite room.
To find this table check out the Etsy shop
Thank Hank

Item Three
From the Inspiration Room
The vase placed on the red side table

The Etsy Find:This hand blown amber bottle will add interest and dimension to your room.
To see this vase visit the Etsy shop
Crescent City Connection

Item Four
From Inspiration Room
The bird statue found on the red side table

The Etsy Find:
A great vintage piece that will add a little height and life to your table.
See this statue on the Etsy shop

Item Five
From Inspiration Room
The Coffee Table

The Etsy FindThis fantastic table can be found on one of my favorite Etsy shops (besides my own)
The Vintage Supply Co.

Item Six
From Inspiration Room
The bold Flower Pillow

The Etsy Find:
This pillow will add a punch of color and a little drama to your room.

The Bold Flower Garden Pillow can be found at the Etsy shop

Item Seven
From The Inspiration Room
Embroidered Artwork

The Etsy Find:
Find this at the Etsy shop
Happy Day Vintage

There you have it! A fantastic room, inspired by the Rooted In Style Studio, done entirely by Etsy.
Thank you for reading my blog and have a Happy Day

Saturday, March 6, 2010

DIY Ideas

Are you a fan of DIY on Facebook? If not, you should be. DIY often gives great decorating tips. DIY recently posted a few ideas on Do It Yourself Wall Art. I took a couple of my favorite ideas and paired it with some great Etsy finds to make the idea come to life. Check it out.

Turn inexpensive coasters into instant framed art. Glue the coasters onto colorful cardstock (or use double-stick tape) and mount them in off-the-shelf frames. Look for square shadow boxes at your crafts store to give the thick coasters definition (www.diyideas.com)
The coasters featured at the bottom left and bottom right would be absolutely perfect to frame individually and then mounted together to create an amazing piece of original art. You can find these coasters at Girls Can Tell for a mere $16.00.

If you collected dolls as a little girl, revel once more in those little designer outfits and accessories. Bring your collections out of the closet and put them on display in a girl’s bedroom. Install pretty papers in the backs of shadow boxes and use double-sided tape to attach the outfits to the paper backings. (www.diyideas.com)
I love this idea. It's adorable yet chic. It would be great for a girls room. The clothes themselves add a punch of color and dimension to the wall (top left is the DIY example picture)
The doll clothes featured above come for a few different Etsy shops.
Left Middle: Vintage Barbie or Francie Doll clothes from 1967 for $35.00
Lower Left: Vintage 1959 BARBIE girl outfit from Luna Park
(note: this item has now been sold but check out Luna Park for more great vintage items)
Upper Right: Barbie Vintage Poodle Handbag $15.00
Lower Right: Vintage 1970 Barbie Fashion Coat for $19.00

These are just 2 of the 30 wall art ideas givin by DIY.
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Dana Douglas

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Anthropologie part 2

This weeks fashion Friday comes from Anthropologie and their Vintage line. I won't bore you by writing more about my love for Anthropologie and Etsy.
Therefore, Without further ado..

LEFT: Anthropologie Dress $118.00
MIDDLE: 60's Plaid Madre Day Dress $38.00
RIGHT: Vintage 1980's Taupe Leather Hobo Purse $28.00

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