Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amazing Uses for Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases have always been a popular item on Happy Day Vintage and Etsy.  And why wouldn't they be?  Their quality does not compare to that of today's suitcases, they are colorful and unique, and they have many more uses than just carrying clothes for travel.  Let's explore some amazing uses for vintage suitcases....
Home decor...
Transform your suitcases into stools, chairs, bedside tables.  Or hang your suitcase on a wall and use as a shelf.  And I love the idea of making your suitcase into a vanity for your bathroom! Do it yourself or just buy one from Vanitycase, an Etsy shop that makes them!  (Lower right hand corner picture taken from this shop.)

Transform your suitcase into a file cabinet.  Stack a few of them at the foot of your bed and store blankets or out of season clothes.  Store art or scrapbook supplies.  Or even your pet! The options are endless!
And now that you have some great uses for vintage suitcases let's take a look at a few on Etsy:
Upper right: Vintage red suitcase-hardtop by Moxiethrift, $20.00.
Thank you for reading and have a Happy Day!


  1. Too cute! Now I can show hubby proof that other people use suitcases as shelves!!!

  2. that is awesome! thanks for including my suitcase in this super collection!


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