Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion Friday with Etsy, The Fabulous 50's

I am infatuated with the 1950's. How did the woman manage to look so perfect all the time? This weeks Fashion Friday showcases the Fabulous 50's. Here's our inspiration photo:

Now I recreate this look shopping only on Etsy

The Dress:
I choose the 1950's Vintage Turquoise Sun Dress because it shares the same colors, neck line, full skirt, small waist line, and an intricate pattern like that of the inspiration photo. This dress can be found at Timeless Vixen Vintage for $320.00. I know, I know, that's on the spendy side but LOOK AT THIS DRESS! It's amazing! In fact I highly recommend a trip to the Timeless Vixen Vintage shop on Etsy...this shop has the most incredible dresses I have ever seen.

The 50s Black Leather Folded Rose Stilettos can be found at Crafty Crow Vintage for only $18.00

The Earrings:
These earrings can be found at my shop, Happy Day Vintage for $14.40 (on sale until Sunday July 14th).

Wow, are we done already? I want to keep shopping. However, I love the 50's look because it was simple, clean and elegant - never overdone. So I'll stop shopping now (even though I don't want to).

Let's recap our Fabulous 50's Fashion Friday:
All the items, on the left hand side of this photo, can be found on Etsy along with many more fantastic vintage finds. The total price for our 1950's look today is:

Thank you for reading our blog and have a
Happy Day!

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