Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Favorite Things for Spring

Is anyone else as excited as me that tomorrow will be MARCH?! I don't want to complain, but let's face it. The winters here in Minnesota get down right long. I know, I know, we choose to live here. The snow and freezing temps come with it. And for the most part I love it and wouldn't trade it. But when I see that March is on the horizon I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is SPRING. The weatherman always does a great job of trying to rain (or should I say snow?) on my spring parade and remind us that March is usually the snowiest month of the year. And let's not forgot how it snowed in April last year. But NO. I will not get discouraged. I see the light. Yes I do.

To help brighten that light I've picked out some of my favorite things for spring.

As noted in a previous post I am addicted to vintage crates and baskets for organization. This one from oldcrowfarm would be perfect for your spring cleaning. Love the shade of green! $16.00. Very springy, don't you think?

Tulips are my favorite flower. They are so happy. So simple. So classic. These super cute vintage embroidered tulip appliques are only $3.50 by twoangelsinparis. Spring up a pair of jeans, a bag, or even a pillow case.

You must have a new purse for spring. Swap out that winter one for this great leather boho handbag from scarletvintage with flower detail on the front, $56.00.

Put a little "spring" in your step with these fabulous vintage green heels by soravintage, $37.00. Your toes will still be covered (just in case we get that snow in April) but you will be stylin'. Love the green. I'm a big fan of green, if you couldn't tell. It's just so springy!

And finally, I love love love this adorable sundress by nobletownvintage, $36.00. The only way it would be more perfect is if I could fit into it! Pair with a cute cardigan and boots for those spring days. Should I say, spring-tastic!

We are ready for you spring. Please come soon!

Thanks for reading and have a Happy Day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Anthropologie (yes, again)

Those of you who follow my Fashion Friday posts know I do an Anthropologie post ever couple months. Yes, I love the store but really, who doesn't?
Anthropologie has come out with a 50's collection. Come on Anthropolgie, you may as well named your collection the"Dana, Please do a Fashion Friday on us because we love Happy Day Vintage and think you're fabulous!" Did I go too far?

Our inspiration Photo curtsy of Anthropologie:
Cost of Anthropologie look (for skirt/belt and shirt only):
Well Over $200.00

Upper Left:Navy Snakeskin Belt $10.00
Lower Left:Anthropologie Inspiration Photo
Upper Right:Vintage White and Multi Polka Dot Blouse $24.00
(please note: at the time I put this blog together this shirt was available. It has since sold but the link provided will take you to another great vintage shirt which completes this same look at a fraction of the Anthropologie cost)
Lower Right: Vintage Oscar de le renta salmon lace skirt $88.00
Total Cost for Etsy Look: $122.00

Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog
Have a Happy Day!
Dana Douglas

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Tina Turner

I could go on and on gushing over Tina Turner. I could talk about her short skirts, mini dresses, tight jeans and big hair. But you don't need me to tell you the woman isn't just an icon, she's a legend.

Tina Turner. Our fashion icon inspiration.

Vintage outfits found on EtsyUpper Left: Fast Times at Ridgemont High Skirt $24.00
Lower Left:1960's Gold Shaker Dress $28.00
Middle:60's Mod Sheer Silver Party Dress $43.00
Upper Right: Shimmery Purple Tank Dress $14.00
Right Middle: Insane High Wasted Black Jordache Jeans $43.00
Lower Right: 1980 Punk Rock Vintage Leather Jacket $29.00

Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog Post
Have a Happy Day
Dana Douglas

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?

Congratulations Saints! In honor of your big win I have put together an Owl posting. These items give literal meaning to the term
"Who Dat?".
Here are a few owl treasures from Happy Day Vintage.

thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog
Have a Happy Day
Dana Douglas

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is one of my all time favorites. She is classy with a dash of sassy, fit, talented, gorgeous and a fashion icon. Therefore, for this weeks Fashion Friday blog post, I have chosen to feature Miss Jackson (because I'm nasty).

Upper Left: Miss Jackson
Lower Left: Black Vinyl Underbust Corset $495.00
Middle: Tuxedo Pleated shirt with Peter Pan Collar $28.00
Right: Vintage Wide Black Tie $14.00

Left: Miss Jackson
Right: Black Dynasty Coat Dress $40.00

Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog and Have a Happy Day

Dana Douglas

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