Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guess who's back...

To all of you who have continuously checked my blog throughout the summer, thank you. I'm sure you figured out I took the summer off. Well, that's not totally true. I took the summer to focus my time and energy on some social media marketing projects.

Just today I got a message from a customer who is looking to see some of the new dressforms I've done over the summer. CutiePiesCouture, this one is for you...

(I apologize for the low quality photos. The pictures were taken with my phone).

The "shortie" dressforms above were made for a client who ordered a dressform for herself, her daughter, niece, mother and sister (I have the nicest customers ever). This particular client loves green and pink. She also requested the "outfits" be accessorized, hence the belts, flowers, necklaces.

The two sexy "shorties" above were done for a client who was giving them as gifts (again, I have the nicest customers). My client was able to choose the material and the "dress" design to fit the personalities of her friends.

These two beauties are part of my fall collection. They have yet to be accessorized but still look lovely as is. Please keep in mind I have some great new fall fabrics and continue to purchase more. As always, my clients can design the "shorties" outfits to fit any style and personality.

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