Sunday, June 7, 2009

Which Era Fits your Fabulous Figure?

Shopping for vintage clothing but not sure which era to choose from? Here are a few guidelines that will help make your decision easier....

1920's: No curves - "stick figure".
1930's: flat stomach and dainty.
1940's: clothes fit most body types
1950's: hour glass figure, small waist and bust well proportioned to the hips.
1960's: tall and leggy
1970's: No curves, great legs. Apple or Pear shape figures fit well in this era.

Hope this helps make your vintage shopping a little bit more enjoyable. Now get shopping!
Leave a comment and let me know which era you are.
Thank you for reading our blog and have a Happy Day!


  1. Such a smart post! I'm a 50s lady myself :)

  2. Thanks Vintage Petals! I think I would classify myself as a 50's lady as well. Although sometimes I wish I had the great legs to wear those short skirts of the 60's. Oh well, I'll work with what I got and I'm happy with it.

    What era are you? Leave a comment!

  3. Love your post, as usual. I guess I would be a 1940's girl b/c I don't think see a "no bust but fabulous big bootie" catagory!

  4. So fun...really love this! I'm a fabulous 50s kind of gal.


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