Above: My family (minus our dog and cat).
My Daughter, Myself, My husband and Son.

Above: our Great Dane, Murphy Leroy Douglas
The family picture above was taken by the talented Stacey Montgomery

I'm a wife, Mama of two amazing kids, sister, daughter, and friend. I'm a vintage fanatic/freak, animal lover,and former R&D Engineer. I'm also a lover of weight lifting, No Doubt dancing, Gwen Stefani admiring, coffee drinking, cider beer & Riesling consuming, 30 something Midwest girl.
I started Happy Day Vintage a couple years ago after my second child was born.  I was a stay at home Mom and needed an outlet as well as a way to make a little extra cash.  Selling vintage on Etsy seemed like a natural choice, and it was.  As my babies have grown I've been able to devote more time to my love of Happy Day Vintage.
The name Happy Day Vintage was coined by my then two year old daughter. After a day of treasure hunting (as she called it and still calls it) I decided to open a shop on Etsy. I was trying to think of the perfect shop name when my daughter looks up at me, as she's rummaging through the treasures we had just purchased, and yells out "Mama, today is a Happy Day!" The rest is history.
Dana Douglas

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