Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Friday the Etsy Way: Martha Stewart Goes to the Beach

Today I'm posting an oldie but a goodie. In other words today's post is a repeat. Enjoy the Martha Fashion Friday!

Martha Stewart....need I say more? I am a Martha fan. She seems to have it all. She's gorgeous, talented and a business genius.

All that said, I found this picture and HAD to feature Martha as this weeks Fashion Friday Icon.
The Inspiration Photo :

The Etsy Find:
This suit shares the same A-symmetrical design of Martha's suit. It also has the straight cut across the top of the leg.
can be found at

Now, in our inspiration photo Martha doesn't have much more then a swimsuit. However Martha, being Martha, would never go to the beach ill prepared. What else would Martha need for a day at the beech?...let's find it all on Etsy.

Upper Left Corner: A trendy swim cap to keep her hair in perfect condition.

Vintage Multi Color Flower Petal Swim Cap $18.00

Upper Middle: Large and lovely sunglasses if for nothing else but to look, great

Upper Right Corner: A chic cover up. Even though Martha has a fab figure, she's modest and wants to leave a little to the imagination.

Lower Left Corner: An insulated vinyl beach bag no doubt filled with treats for all her friends.
item sold out - check out the shop Carmen and Ginger for more vintage items

Lower Middle: Colorful glasses that seem to be waiting for a spontaneous beach party to break out. Bring on the drinks!
item sold out - check out the shop Carmen and Ginger for more vintage items

Right Side Middle: A beach excursion wouldn't be complete with out a towel to sun herself on.
Item sold out - check out the shop Carmen and Ginger for more vintage items

Lower Right Corner: A great radio to crank up the groovy tunes
Item sold out - check out the shop Janyes Art for more items

There you have it. Another Fashion Friday the Etsy way featuring Martha Stewart. 

Thanks for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog.
Have a Happy Day!


  1. Martha does look fabulous! Thank you so much for putting this together:) I had so much fun reading and browsing the finds!

  2. I LOOOOVEEE old pictures of Martha. I don't know why... its like seeing a different person altogether!



  3. Love those portable drinking tumblers! Thanks for featuring our cover-up--it looks even better next to all those other great finds!


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