Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work it Wednesday - Create a Fab 1950's inspired Nightstand

Taking a basic nightstand (like the one shown below) and turning it into a 1950's inspired, unique, custom made masterpiece is not as difficult as it looks. 
 Before and After
pictures curtsy of Better Homes and Garden
  • Paint
  • Molding
  • Vintage Hardware
  • Vintage Handkerchief
  • Glass cut to fit top of nightstand

  • Paint the cabinet your color of choice. Let nightstand dry completely and reapply additional coats until desired look is achieved. For a playful look consider painting the top a slightly brighter shade of the same color. Paint your molding. I suggest white for the molding as it will achieve a clean, crisp look as well as make the molding stand out.  
  • Cut molding to size and attach the painted pieces using wood glue. If you like, add trim nails. 

  • A vintage kitchen towel or hankie adds vintage detail to the nightstand. Lay the hankie on the top of the nightstand and place the precut glass on top of the hankie. Below is an example photo from Better Homes and Garden and a few vintage hankies, from Vintage Etsy. 

 Left: Inspiration picture curtsy of Better Homes and Gardens

  • Finally attach a decorative knob such as the examples I found on Vintage Etsy

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