Saturday, May 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes of HDV - Week in Review

It's been a great week. 
First, I finished a custom order for a lovely Mama in Alaska. She's going to use the boxes to organize her sewing notions.

The kids and I made a quick stop at a thrift store on Tuesday. We hit the mother load of vintage jewelry boxes just waiting for a make-over:

Finally, last night I ran to the store and ended up coming home with a lot more then bargained for.  On the way home from the store I drove through the neighborhood setting garbage out for garbage day (as described in last weeks blog post). I found a round suitcase and the chairs pictured below. There were actually four chairs but my car only had room for two. Oh well, two is better then none. 
I love the backs on these chairs.  I can't decide what color to paint them?  I have so many ideas.

Thank you for reading my blog
Have a Happy Day!

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