Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday - An Update

I know Fridays have always been reserved for Fashion.  Not this week. Frankly I just don't feel like doing it. Instead I want to update my readers on my new favorite project..
This past week I've been working on a few things.  Some of which include a baby girl's first jewelry box, an upcycled manual typewriter, and this amazing vintage gun rack.  That's right, I said Gun Rack! In it's first life this was a gun rack. I worked all week transforming it into an ultra chic storage unit.
Here are a few pictures:

I love this thing. It would be a great conversational piece. 
In addition to the the two ideas above, this would be the perfect piece for...
A Kitchen: paper towels, places, sugar, hanging utensils from the peg board, etc...
Garden: store pots, seeds, garden utensils, etc..
Mud Room: Hang an umbrella and/or dog leash, keep keys, sunscreen, mail drop off spot, etc...
Nursery: diapers, lotions, toys, books, etc...
it would also be great for the pantry, laundry room, CRAFT ROOM, coffee center, bathroom toiletries, and on and on and on.
As you can see I'm rather excited about this one. 
So is Murphy:

Thank you for reading my blog
Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. Madam, you are a genius! Now pour me a whiskey sour and gimme a box of them Remington hollow points.


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