Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work it Wednesdays - Cheap Vintage Inspired Art

I found this great project on Better Homes and Gardens.  I took the liberty of giving some additional vintage inspired ideas for this project. 

  • Vintage Frames
  • A can of Spray Paint
  • Paper
  • Small but heavy everyday items (see Etsy examples below)
Lay your small but heavy items on the paper
Spray the paper covering the entire page as well as the items
Gently remove your small items.  A silhouette should remain.
Let dry and frame your art in a vintage frame.

Great Materials found on Vintage Etsy:

Great Inspiration for art
Upper Right: Colorful Weathered tool set $26.00

Note: If you're like me you're not wanting to throw away the now spray painted ornate vintage item that was just used to make the silhouette.  Here's an idea... Frame the colorful item and hang it next to your silhouette art creating a unique vintage inspired collection! 

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  1. Thanks so much for the idea! I am for sure going to do this project maybe some for the bathroom some for the bedroom!


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