Monday, January 10, 2011

Mobile Home Mondays -

If you read my blog regularly you know my latest desire is to buy a mobile home, gut it and redecorate the inside. I have no idea why I suddenly feel the need to take on a project like this.  I guess there's something about loading up my cute family for a trip cross country in the warm summer sun.  Maybe I'm just thinking about it because it's freezing in MN.  Day dreaming about the summer months is what gets me through the next couple months of winter.?.  Whatever the reason I'm using my blog as a platform for my daydreaming/quest to take on a vintage mobile home remodel.  Therefore, I have now named Mondays "Mobile Home Mondays". With that, let's get to our first blog post:

First up a 1964 Shansta Astroflyte I found on Flicker
a photostream by Two Dancing Crows

Left: Before                       Right: After
Left: Before                        Right: After
More "After" pictures.  Isn't it awesome?

Thank you for reading my blog
Have a Happy Day!

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  1. I am wanting to get a boler in the next few years. Right at this time I don't have a place to keep one though. I do plan to move and when I do I will make sure my driveway has the room for one. =)


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