Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy- Sex in the City 2

Oof Dah!, (that's right, I just dropped an "oof dah" bomb, I am Minnesotan after all) it has been a insanely crazy and busy week and I have been loving every second of it!!!!
Yesterday I was officially given my Chevy Traverse which I will drive for a month and blog, as well as vlog, about every detail. It's part of the "Mom's Timeout" Chevy promotional series. I have been busy taking videos and coming up with ideas on how to put the Traverse through the full gamet of Mommy tests. I'm not sure Chevy knew what they were getting into when they chose me to test drive their Traverse. Anyway, more blog posts on the Traverse will be coming very very soon. For now, I have an obligation to deliver the Fashion Friday!

Sex in the City 2 is all over the place and I am loving it. I did a quick search for photos from the movie and I found this...
"Are you freakin' kidding me?, " is what I blurted out when I laid my eyes upon this gem of a pic. Mrs Parker - you are my new BFF. I love this photo! Vintage luggage, vintage jeans and the off the shoulder top.... it's almost as if SITC read my mind. Needless to say I have jumped all over this photo for today's Fashion Friday.

UPPER LEFT: 80's White Guess Jeans $16.00
UPPER MIDDLE: Vintage Purple Suitcase $28.00
UPPER RIGHT: Vintage-Travel Master Green Hardcase $25.00
LOWER LEFT: Vintage retro American Tourister Round Traincase $48.00
LOWER MIDDLE: Rachel Max off the shoulder Sweater $13.99
LOWER RIGHT: Round White Retro Travel Case $35.00
Complete look Grand Total: $165.99

Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog
Have a Happy Day!
Dana Douglas


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