Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What REAL Moms want for Mother's Day - Erin

Instead of writing what I think Moms want for Mother's Day, I asked women of all ages and personalities to shop Etsy and tell me their favorite item(s). Today begins the first post of "What REAL Moms want for Mother's Day". These blog posts will be posted from today until Mother's Day. Keep checking back for more Mother's Day ideas.

Mom: Erin
Age: 30 something
Kids: Kamea (4) and Braden (2, almost 3)

Erin was kind enough to do all the writing for me:

As a busy Mother of two fantastic children I don't have time to shop for myself. I enjoy shopping online because it's easy, fast, affordable, and I dont have to deal with long lines at the mall. One of my favorite places to shop is www.esty.com I am able to find clothing for my family, toys, housewares, and gifts for friends & family. I am a big fan of anything vintage or vintage inspired. Trends come and go but I know I can find something sexy & timeless at etsy.
This vintage inspired dress from the 50's comes in an array of colors and can be flattering on any body type. It reminds me of something Sarah Jessica Parker might have worn on Sex in the City. I absolutely love this dress to wear to a PTA meeting or a night on the town.

If you are a Mom and interested in sharing your Etsy favorites please contact me (douglasdanae@yahoo.com).

Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage blog
Have a Happy Day!
Dana Douglas

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