Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Vogue's 10 best dressed

For this weeks Fashion Friday I turned to the experts at "Vogue". I went to their 10 best dressed and found the below picture of Dasha Zhukova. Take a good look at the lovely Mrs Zhukova's outfit and then let's create it for MUCH less using only Etsy Vintage.
Who knows what poor Dasha paid for this outfit (although she looks fab)
Let's get to the recreated Etsy Vintage version...
Put on this vintage outfit, wear a crabby face as if you're saying "Really, must you take my picture again?", and voila you will look just as good as Dasha but for a fraction of the cost.
Left: The sassy faced Dasha Zhukoza wearing a Chanel jacket and Kova and T dress
Middle: vintage 60s IVORY dress by Fred Rothschild $27.78
Upper Right: vintage ST.JOHN patent leather handbag w/shoulder strap. made in Italy. $40.00
Lower Left: vintage 1960s CLASSIC CHANEL COPY blazer $65.00
Outfit total: 132.78

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Have a Happy Day!
Dana Douglas


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