Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Shop Salvage

Flip through a magazine and you'll find one of the biggest trends is decorating with aged furniture and architectural elements.
The look si so popular that some home decor and furniture companies sell new items aged to look vintage. But shopping for the real thing yields unique and better-looking results.
Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your salvage store shopping trip:
  1. Explore the Store: If you've never been to a salvage store, plan an initial visit to your local source just to get some ideas for your space. You may find a piece to use as a starting point for the room's style.
  2. Take Measurements: Be sure to record every measurement you might need from your home before you to to the store. The this list of measurements and a tape measure with you when you go shopping. Then you'll be able to take the measurements in the store to ensure that furniture and other items are a perfect fit.
  3. Bring Inspiration: Look through magazines to find photos of rooms or pieces of furniture that you like, and take them to the salvage store with you.
  4. Consider Function First: Since salvage stores can be overwhelming, it's best to go into the store with an idea of how you want to use salvage pieces.
  5. Start Small: Start with one or two smaller items and see if you like them. You can always go back for the larger pieces at another time.
  6. Ask Questions: Speak to a store employee to find out if they have n item you're looking for. If they don't have it, they may be able to tell you where you can find it or let you know when they have it in stock (this rule goes for Happy Day Vintage as well. If you don't see what you want please contact me and I will do my best to find it for you).
Source: Some above info take from: My Home My Style

If you don't have the time to search out salvage stores contact us at Happy Day Vintage and we'll do it for you. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll find it. You could also search Etsy. You'll find a vast variety one of which may be just what you're looking for...????...

Here are a few of the vintage furniture and architectural items which can be found on Etsy:
Top Row Left: French Ivory Window Grate from French Chapel Winery $75.00
Top Row Middle:
Big Bold Vintage Metal Storefront Facade Letter Sign Mid Century Y $24.00
Top Row Right: Shabby Fretwork Victorian Chippy Gingerbread Corner Brackets $30.00
Second Row Left:
Art Deco Elevator Floor Indicator Dial $2,300.00
Second Row Middle: Wonderful OLD Vintage Wood Floral Carved LONG Tapestry Frame for Prints, Fabric, or Collage $48.00
Second Row Right: One Speed Oscillating Fan $62.55
Third Row Left: Lot of 7 Jazzy Vintage Trumpet Mutes $65.00
Third Row Right: Oh So Industrial Office Desk Lamp $57.00
Bottom Left: Antique Architectural Iron Grate $28.75
Bottom Right: Vintage Black and Gold Decorator Architectural Urns $95.00

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Have a Happy Day!
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