Saturday, March 6, 2010

DIY Ideas

Are you a fan of DIY on Facebook? If not, you should be. DIY often gives great decorating tips. DIY recently posted a few ideas on Do It Yourself Wall Art. I took a couple of my favorite ideas and paired it with some great Etsy finds to make the idea come to life. Check it out.

Turn inexpensive coasters into instant framed art. Glue the coasters onto colorful cardstock (or use double-stick tape) and mount them in off-the-shelf frames. Look for square shadow boxes at your crafts store to give the thick coasters definition (
The coasters featured at the bottom left and bottom right would be absolutely perfect to frame individually and then mounted together to create an amazing piece of original art. You can find these coasters at Girls Can Tell for a mere $16.00.

If you collected dolls as a little girl, revel once more in those little designer outfits and accessories. Bring your collections out of the closet and put them on display in a girl’s bedroom. Install pretty papers in the backs of shadow boxes and use double-sided tape to attach the outfits to the paper backings. (
I love this idea. It's adorable yet chic. It would be great for a girls room. The clothes themselves add a punch of color and dimension to the wall (top left is the DIY example picture)
The doll clothes featured above come for a few different Etsy shops.
Left Middle: Vintage Barbie or Francie Doll clothes from 1967 for $35.00
Lower Left: Vintage 1959 BARBIE girl outfit from Luna Park
(note: this item has now been sold but check out Luna Park for more great vintage items)
Upper Right: Barbie Vintage Poodle Handbag $15.00
Lower Right: Vintage 1970 Barbie Fashion Coat for $19.00

These are just 2 of the 30 wall art ideas givin by DIY.
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