Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy... Sarah Jessica Parker

This past week I've been preoccupied with cleaning up after the holidays and preparing for the arrival of our new addition (see blog post from Jan 6th titled "The Great Great Dane Sale"). My mind was blank and I couldn't come up with a Fashion Friday Icon. Thankfully a great friend of mine came to my rescue and sent me this inspiration photo of Sarah Jessica Parker:
Don't you love it? The vintage swing coat and that hot pink purse against the all black back drop...marvelous! How does she look so casual and "undone" yet so fabulous all at the same time? Let's not worry about how she does it let's focus on recreating it - and at a fraction of the cost of what Mrs. Parker paid.
Upper Left: Black Riding Boots from Savage Spider for $55.00. These boots are great, the really set up the whole outfit. Comfortable yet warm. Upper Middle: Black Leather Gloves from RockabillyCoutoure for $50.00. Keep those perfectly manicured hands out of the cold by covering 'em with these lovely lady fingers. Upper Right: Vintage Alpine Ski Glasses from Do Not Destroy for $32.00. You won't find anyone else wearing these beauties. They're original and a little "out there" which is why I love them. Dare to be different. Lower Left: The HOT HOT HOT Pink Purse from Hoaken/Helga for $85.00. This purse, along with the coat, is obviously the key to the entire outfit. Don't be shy - this pretty purse is made to be seen. Against the black outfit the purse will shine, and it will be fantastic. Lower Middle: Ear muffs from Little K'reation for $18.00. I found plenty of all black ear muffs on Etsy and I liked them all. However, I fell in love with with these stripped muffs with the pink accent button. I'm sure Mrs. Parker would have added these to her collection had she only known they existed. Lower Right: Black Vintage Coat from Lipstick Whiskey for $425.00. This coat has it all...the lovely waistline, large buttons and best of all the full skirt. I love it! I only wish I could get a bigger picture of the coat. It's so vintage and so Hollywood.
thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog and Have a Happy Day!


  1. How fun! I LOVE SJP. Recently had a dream that she and I were hanging out ha ha. Nice work recreating the look :)

  2. Hi, Another SJP and Sex in the City fan here. I totally adore what you've done in this post, so creative to recreate the look with ONLY Etsy finds. Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog from your Etsy store (shopping for typewriters). Adorable blog. You have great taste in books and a bunch of other things. I'm definitely going to keep reading!

  3. oooh. why didnt I see this sooner? This is the best blog post EVERY (in my opinion) Would that certain someone who sent you the idea be the most famous. Ms. Tammy Golson??? TGIF! Just catching up on blogs now!


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