Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - The Domestic Diva

I recently purchased two aprons on Etsy. One from Annas Aprons and the other from Dianne Designer Aprons. I love them both and highly recommend both shops.
I tie on an apron as though it's some sort of superhero cape expecting it to suddenly make me feel like a domestic diva. I imagine myself tossing together a pot roast, ironing the laundry and leaving a path of perfection behind me. Of course I do it all wearing a beautiful dress with matching high heels while my children nicely (and more important quietly) play a game on the living room floor.
I'm sure you know how this fantasy ends...It has not even come close to coming true. However the aprons do, at the very least, dress up my usual "mom uniform" which consists of jeans and a t-shirt. Truth be told the aprons have helped me embrace my domestic side. By no means am I a domestic diva but if an apron makes me excited to make dinner then I consider it money well spent.

First things first...if this apron comes with two hunky men to tie it on me then sign me up! You can find this sweet vintage inspired half apron at Boojiboo for $18.75.

The full apron:
The full apron with detailed top and feminine full skirt will have you singing in perfect pitch as you simmer up a stew for a hearty feast. Find this retro 50's hot pink and damask full skirt apron at Lover Dover's Clothing for $32.00

There are SO MANY great apron shops on Etsy. I have to mention just a couple more of my favorites:

These fancy aprons above are from Sassy Apron. Sassy Apron has over 125 available aprons each one more adorable then the last.

The adorable aprons shown above are from Snappy Shop. I love the unique and quirkiness of the aprons. BUT.... even better then the aprons and the adorable kitchen in the background are some of the pictures on Snappy Shop:

With that I'll wrap up this blog post.
Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage blog post and
Have a Happy Day!
-Dana Douglas
(Shop Owner)

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  1. Love this post! I am into aprons, although I rare wear them. I'm such a messy cook that I should start a whole collection. The problem is that they are too adorable! I'd rather get food on my long-sleeved tees ;)


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