Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sophia

My daughter is six years old and fortunate enough to have many amazing little girlfriends. There have been a lot of birthday parties in the past couple months. Lucky for me these girls love getting custom jewelry boxes and have even come to expect it from my daughter. 
This particular jewelry box was for a very special little girl named Sophia. Sophia has an extremely kind and loving heart. Sophia is a fashionista, a decorator and a hostess extraordinaire. Because of her amazing sense of style, I knew Sophia would appreciate the opportunity to help design her jewelery box. 
I provided Sophia with a array of paper samples. She narrowed the pile down to her 5 favorites....from there I went ahead and created "The Sophia".
Below is a picture of Sophia opening her gift while the rest of the girls gather around. I was told she loved her gift. Words cannot express how happy this makes me. 
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