Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Friday - Photo Shoot with the Dressforms

I have had a hard time deciding what to write about today. I have too much to say! I think I found a way to roll everything into one fab little Fashion Friday pkg...
This past week I have been driving the Chevy Traverse for a promotion I've been working on with the Select Heartland Chevy Dealers. It's a great car which fits a lot of kids, adults and dressforms. Yes, I said dressforms. I found this out first hand when I hired amazing photographer Stacey Montgomery to take pictures of my dressforms.
Below are just a few of the amazing pictures Stacey took (join the HDV FB page to see more pictures in the near future). I had some crazy ideas on where I wanted the pictures to be and what I wanted them to look like. Stacey delivered in every since of the word...

For all my Fashion Friday fans, you're probably wondering what the above has to do with Fashion Friday??? Don't worry, I have you covered too.

Scarves, hats and large jewelry is hot hot hot right now and in my opinion will be for a long time to come.

We spend out money of beautiful accessories and then we hide them in our closets sometimes forgetting what we have. NO LONGER!
Use the Dressforms by Dana to hang your scarves, store your jewelry, and do it all in a fashionable way that features your items as what they are... works of art which expresses your unique sense of style.

So there you are. A nice little Fashion Friday which somehow covers almost everything I wanted to talk about today. Check back with my blog for a video of the dressform photo shoot. Hopefully I'll have it up this weekend.

If you have questions on any dressforms please feel free to contact me!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and
Have a Happy Day!

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