Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...Toys

A few posts ago I (Stacey) wrote about some of my favorite handmade items made from vintage odds and ends. We decided it would be fun from time to time to blog about some more of my favorite things. Think of it like Oprah's show without the giveaways. And they are affordable. And they are vintage. And they won't be something everyone else will have. Okay, so maybe it's nothing like Oprah's show, but now I'm just rambling...

So that brings me to this post. I was wrapping some Christmas gifts for my kiddos earlier today. Even though they'll be thrilled to get the new Barbies and trucks I just KNOW they will go back to that vintage Fisher Price xylophone and schoolhouse without the batteries and lights these new toys have. Which got me looking at Etsy at some of my favorite vintage toys that are out there right now...(and bare with me, I might talk about my kids a little bit, but I just can't help it!)

Classic Fisher Price, I just love this Music Box Television, $24.00 from SweetLoveVintage. This is one of those toys I was talking about that I know my kids would just keep going back to. And no batteries required.

My kids love blocks. My son will stack them, and throw them (we're working on that). My daughter is trying to learn her letters. This complete set of Alphabet Blocks, $28.00, by TheRelicTrail, will last for years.

My daughter is totally into Barbies and dolls right now. This vintage Metal Dollhouse would be perfect for her, $35.00, by cozycottagevintage.

Love love love this Toy Phone! Only $9.00, by OurRetroToybox.

My kids adore pull toys. Especially those that make noise. This adorable Xylophone Player is $35.00, by Hindsvik.

Thanks for reading my favorite things. And don't forget to check out HDV's great toys too!

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