Friday, December 11, 2009

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Courtney Love Cobain

Courtney Love Cobain, she's the first chic who actually knew how to rock. Courtney created a new generation of strong, powerful and independent women. As influential as she is in the musical world her fashion sense continues to be just as, if not more, influential. Whether she's rockin' bohemian hippy, goth babydoll, Old Hollywood glam, or straight-up grunge she always rocks it well.

As you may or may not know Courtney Love Cobain is a regular shopper on Etsy. In fact, she bought a pair of lamps from Happy Day Vintage (I always knew she had great taste). The following blog post recreates a few of Courtney's outfits, using only Etsy, at a nice low price.

SHIRT: Sexy Beige Chiffon Blouse $83.50
WRIST CUFF: Cuff, wallet wristband 24.50
WHITE FLOWERS: Set of 3 little White Flower Pins $23.80
BRACELET: GQ Worn Genuine Leather Upcycled Cuff $18.00
BEIGE FLOWER: Med Taupe Flower Brooch
Outfit Total: 149.80

Outfit total: 169.50
DRESS: White and Black Pintucked Boho Dress 68.00
Outfit total: 68.00

DRESS: Fair Maiden: Vintage Cream Lace Prairie Maxi Dress $45.00
LIPSTICK: Gimmie a Flat Lip Lipstick in Kiss Me NOW Red $9.00
Outfit Total: $54.00

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Have a Happy Day.


  1. very cute..always love the baby dolls..she had a nice collection

  2. I totally love this post!! The pictures of Courtney are fantastic -- it's so nice to see these images of her when she was utterly fabulous!!

  3. This is so beautiful! Thank you;)


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