Friday, October 23, 2009

Fashion Friday - Man Shops Globe

There's a new show on the Sundance Channel called "Man Shops Globe". It is an eight part series where cameras follow Keith Johnson, a buyer for the speciality store Anthropolgie, as he travels around the world. I've watched two shows thus far and I am going bonkers for it. In other words, I love this show! Maybe it's because I adore Anthropolgie, maybe it's because Keith possess a sweet boyish charm which makes him so likable, maybe it's because I want his job, or maybe it's because my passion is treasure hunting for my own shop HDV. No matter what the reason the bottom line is it's a great show. I highly recommend watching "Man Shops Globe".

For this weeks Fashion Friday I have opted to do a comparison between Anthropolgie and Etsy. I adore Anthropolgie and in no way mean disrespect their store. On the contrary, I love their store so much I'm willing to make a comparison between their merchandise and the treasures featured in HDV and other Etsy shops.

Here's the deal: on the left (or upper left hand corner depending on the category) is the Anthropolgie item. The remaining pictures are of items found in HDV or in other Etsy shops. Please take note of the price differences between the Anthropolgie find and the Etsy find.

Left: Measured time Scale $248.00
Right: Green as Olives Vintage Scale from HDV $24.00

Upper Left: Stork Club Jacket $168.00
Lower Left: Vintage Creamy Cropped Cardigan from Fluffy Pink Bunnies $32.00
Upper Right: Vintage 50's Knit Ivory Mohair Shrug from Maiden Rapture Vintage $32.00
Lower Right: Vintage Mocha Brown Mohair Crop from Ruby Chic Boutique $75.00

Upper Left: Twined Rock Rose Necklace $48.00
Lower Left: Retro Mazzy from Rachelle D $29.50
Upper Right: Lovely Lady Rose Necklace from Gwyllion $40.00
Lower Right: Fabric Flower Necklace - Penelope Coloration from Genevieve Gail $30.00

Upper Left: Chroma Calyx Cuff, Green $48.00
Lower Left: Whimsy in Green from That Jewelry Girl $19.50
Upper Right: EcoCuff - Earthy Layered Leather Flower on White Band from Green Belts $20.00
Lower Middle: Moss Green Flower Felt Cuff/Bracelet from KendraHa $6.00
Lower Right: Petals and Brass Cuff Bracelet from Vintage Redux $18.00

Dark Depths Bracelet $198.00
Right: Octopus Silver Cuff Bracelet from Express Yourself $36.00

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Have a Happy Day!

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