Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fashion Friday - Making Vintage work for your Moden Wardrobe

Vintage should not be about converting your entire world as though it's straight out of another era. On the contrary, vintage is about taking pieces and making them work with your current wardrobe, home decor, and lifestyle. Vintage is about personality and individuality. It's about embracing your original sense of style. It's about confidence. THAT is what vintage can do for you.
I have found an Etsy shop called Tractordog. This store features fab vintage clothing and gives spot-on examples of how vintage can work in your everyday lifestyle.

Let's get it started:

In itself this is a great dress. Jazz it up with a belt, hot fish net stockings and some sassy shoes. Suddenly this goes from a great dress to an amazingly sexy dress.

This is a great example on how a vintage piece can bring out the best of an outfit. The vintage pencil skirt is paired it with a funky rocker T, some bright tights and great boots. A rocker look, that's completly current and unique, is born.

Perfect for the office. The vintage jacket is set with a simple pair of pants and a black cami. It's a fresh way to be young yet sophisticated and professional.

This outfit reminds me of Gwen Stefani (I ADORE Gwen Stefani/No Doubt) and therefore I love it. A pair of leggings, wicked awesome shoes, and a vintage cardigan... girlfriend is stylin.

This is a basic dress that comes to live with a few accessories. Gold necklaces and a chunky belt help create a hot ensemble.

Again, all it takes is a few simple accessories. Leggings, rockin shoes, and a cool necklace. This outfit goes from blah to super hot in a matter of minutes.

I love this transformation. The dress itself could be, at first glace, mistaken as something slightly "Grandma-ish". Behold what a belt and yummy shoes can do... Suddenly this dress turns heads and stop traffic as you walk down the street.

A special thank you to my new favorite Etsy shop, Tractordog.
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  1. Thank you Dana!! I love what you've written about each outfit and your intro was perfect. It IS all about confidence ;) Much love to you HAPPY DAY!


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