Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Friday with Etsy, Mary Tyler Moore

A couple weeks ago I asked the Happy Day Vintage FaceBook Fans who they would like to see featured on the next Happy Day Vintage Fashion Friday Blog post. Stacy, from Washington, suggested Mary Tyler Moore.
Stacy's suggestion "hit home" since I live in the Minneapolis Metro area (where Mary Richards was from). Mary is the PERFECT Fashion Friday Icon. This one is for you Stacy thank you for the suggestion!

Let's get this party started!, shopping only on Etsy - as usual...

Outfit One:
Suit: Vintage Skirt and Jacket 1970's Mod Nautical Style Size 4/6/8 $24.00
Bag: Vintage Samsonite Airline Carry On Travel Bag Yellow Gold Mustard $55.00
Shoes: Vintage 1970's Mod Lemon Yellow Patent Heels $18.00
Outfit Total: $97.00

Outfit Two:
Coat and Dress: Rona of New York Dress and Jacket 1960's Checked Mod Preppy $44.99
Boots: Vintage 1960's 1970's Twiggy Esque Black Leather Battani Lace Up Boots $75.00
Beret: Black and Silver Elegant Beret $40.00
Outfit Total: $159.99

Suit: Vintage 70's Mod Rainbow Plaid 2 pc A-line Summer Short Sleeve Suit $31.00
Scarf: Chic Riviera Vintage Scarf $10.00
Traincase: Don't Keep Me Closed Blue Traincase $18.00
Shoes: Vintage Powder Blue Leather Wedges $22.00
Outfit Total: $81.00

So there you have it...three great Mary Tyler Moore inspired outfits.
Before I end the Mary Tyler Moore blog post I must leave you with this....
For those of you who have watched the opening to her show, you know the infamous scene where Mary throws her beret into the air. My mom once pointed out the lady (circled in the picture below) giving Mary the stink eye. I laugh every time I see this lady. I hope she makes you laugh too.

More to make you laugh...
My oldest sister, Vivus, just brought to my attention, and I admit I had never noticed this before as I was too distracted by the "stink eye lady", the woman in the foreground of the picture. My sister wrote:
"Okay, then note the woman in the foreground of the picture. You can only see the back of her out-of-a-bottle colored head but you know she had whipped that noggin around to see what that crazy lady was throwing up in the air. She almost walked right into the camera man she was so distracted by Mary! I would love to see her expression. "
Regarding the "stink eye lady" my sister wrote (sorry, my sister cracks me up so I had to add this to my blog):
"Lets give props to the stink eye lady. She is priceless. I love the pursed lips and the plastic rain bonnet that you can fold up accordion style and slip back into matching envelope style thing ..she just looks so permanently crabby. You wonder what she thought of her famous mug shot? Did she tell her friends/family that was her? Or, maybe they recognized her right away? It seems we all have known someone who looks just like that!"
Nicely said, Vive. Thank you for your comments on "stink eye lady" and the "hair dyed diva".

Thanks for reading the Happy Day Vintage Mary Tyler Moore Fashion Friday Blog Post.
Have a Happy Day!

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