Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fashion Friday - Little Orphan Annie

Oh how I loved this movie as a little girl. I, as I know 99% of you did, would reenact the scenes and pretend to be Annie. Actually, in my case, I was Molly and my older sister got to be Annie (she always got her way).

As I'm sure you have already figured out this weeks Fashion Friday Icon is Annie. Alright, so she's not the most obvious choice. In fact, as I write this my husband looked over at my computer and said "Annie?" as though he disapproved of my choice. We all know that little red dress, the movie, the songs, the dance routines, etc...need I say more?

As of this week Happy Day Vintage is selling VINTAGE CHILDREN'S CLOTHING!!!! The "Sweet Little Sailor" red dress is the first piece of children's clothing to be listed in the Happy Day Vintage shop. Although it's not an exact replica of the infamous Annie dress ...the bright red color, crisp white lines, and face framing collar mimic Annie's outfit but keeps the sweet "baby-ish" look.

Keep checking Happy Day Vintage for more kids clothing in the near future. We have a number of sweet outfits and cannot wait to list them on our Etsy shop.

Have a Happy Day!

*My sincere apologies for listing this post late. My husband and myself took our two fabulous kids to see their Grandma and Grandpa. For some reason I had trouble getting connected to the network and therefore couldn't publish this weeks fashion Friday on time.

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