Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Style Tuesday; the Etsy Way

Jackie Kennedy Onassis has always been a fashion icon. In today's post we'll be getting Jackie's look by shopping only on Etsy.

Our Inspiration Outfit:

Item One:
The Dress
Find this dress at

Item Two:
The Purse
Find this item at
Hand Picked Vintage

Item Three:
The Gloves
Find this item at
Gone The Sun

Item Four:
The Pearls
Find this item at
And Everything Else

Item Five:
The Shoes
(even though shoes are not shown in the inspiration picture)
Find this item at
Dear Golden Vintage

Item Six:
A Necessary Accessory
(even though this item is not shown in the inspiration picture)
Find this item at

So how much does it cost to buy this look on Etsy?.....would you believe (INCLUDING SHIPPING, in the US) the total comes to only $184.24!!!! That is amazing. A dress, shoes, purse, pearls, gloves and a vintage pin for well under $200.00 (again, that inlcudes US shipping)!
Hope you enjoyed this blog post and I also hope you have a
Happy Day!


  1. What a classic and modern look you've pulled together. It just shows how timeless Jackie O's style really was. And I'm so happy to see jess & deargolden here--glad to be in such great company.

  2. I really like what you are doing here, breaking down a classic outfit and making it totally available. So smart, wish I had thought of it, LOL! Thank you so much for showin' off my gold shoes!

  3. Etsy is awesome. Those are some great finds that embrace Jackie O's style.

  4. this is a fabulous post!! I love all the items you chose : )
    Some awesome sellers here, including yourself! Love your shop. xo

  5. What a cute idea! Wasn't she a clasic beauty? The items you picked were right on too.

  6. Perfect! LOVE it! Nice work.


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