Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Lately I've been cranking the creative juices (which is code for drinking more Riesling)  and trying to expand the inventory/options in HDV.  I recently picked up an old dressform (those of you who have followed my shop and blog for a long time know I used to make and sell dressforms)  and started using it for myself.  Admittedly I love her.  Nelly (Her bright colors remind me of Nelly Furtado hence the name Nelly) is kept by my bathroom sink.  I use her to hang my binders and headbands.    Keep in mind I wake up at 4:30 am.  After my alarm goes off i sleep walk to my bathroom to brush my teeth and pull my hair back before I drive to Lifetime Fitness.  During my morning routine I find myself talking to Nelly and thanking her for making my life easier. No longer do I need to crawl under my bed at 4:35 am, in the dark cause my husband is still sleeping, looking for random/stray pony binders.  Nelly is always there at the edge of my sink waiting and ready to assist me no matter how tired I am.

Here's a shot of Nelly perched on the edge of my sink. She's adorned with headbands and pony binders. Nelly is  also sporting a couple of my fav necklaces. I don't wear them often but I like for Nelly to wear them. It serves as a daily reminder I really need to schedule a date with my husband (cause I often wear those necklaces while on one of our dates).

As you can tell my by lengthy and drawn out intro (I normally write less than 50 words in my blog posts) I really love my little Nelly dressform.  I figured if I appreciated and used her so much then others could potentially need  the same thing.  Therefore one of the items I'm trying to bring to HDV is the dressform.

As mentioned above I used to make dressformes for jewelry storage back in the day (Like a year ago) but stopped because I made a very very low profit from them.  Truthfully,  it wasn't worth my time. This time around I'm I'm working to create my own dressforms and basically alleviate the middle man thus cutting back on my cost which equals a huge cut back on my customers cost.  But this takes time... for the time being I'm working to create prototypes. I'm close but have not yet perfected a cost effective/ high quality dressform. So while I proactive and while I create I will sell you my prototypes as a discounted price.  for example, the dressform below is listed in HDV for only $18.00.

More dressform prototypes will be listed in HDV as I do more testing. One of these days I'll perfect the process and my shop will be filled with cute little dressforms. Also keep checking my blog and HDV for other creative and fun ways to keep and display your jewelry.

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