Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome to My Crazy Life

The few pictures in this blog were not taken from my workbench as usual but instead from my kitchen island. That's the beauty of what I do....I get do something I love, grow my business, and play with my kids all at the same time.  

After snapping a few pictures of my partly finished jewelry boxes,  I realized the craziness that surrounds me is somewhat comical and maybe worth sharing. For example, while I was distracted snapping the jewelry box shown below,  Murphy (our Great Dane) snuck into the garbage. I caught the evidence on film. 

Want another example of my crazy yet comical life? No?, Too bad. You're getting one anyway.  I fed the kids a snack then, thinking they were content with their popcorn, I focus on continuing to refurbish my jewelry boxes. While I'm doing this the kids decide to be puppies. Based on this pic, its obvious I  expect nothing but the best of etiquette from my kids.

As if eating their popcorn off the floor like a puppy wasn't enough, my daughter then decided to take a ride on our shop vac.

And this is what a typical day is like in my home. I'm a lucky lady. 
The jewelry boxes shown in this post will be listed on HDV the afternoon of Friday, March 23rd.

Thank you for reading my blog 
Have a Happy Day!

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