Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Listings for Feb 22nd!

It's Wednesday again and that means new jewelry boxes!  Coming straight from my kitchen table, Here's a sneak peek at what will be listed on HDV tonight...

Note: I wanted to get this blog posted asap. A couple of the jewelry boxes are missing a handle. Never fear, those are easy fixes and will be fixed before listing tonight.

A huge jewelry box able to take on a large collection of jewelry... or whatever you decide to put in it. Features lots of compartments perfect for organizing.

 Every girl needs some jersey-ish fabuliciousness (yup, I just made up a bunch of words). This jewelry box features two drawers and a top that flips up showcasing even MORE storage and the original mirror.
Don't worry, the handle on the bottom will be fixed.

I'm in love with this jewelry box. It's big. The top flips up to reveal an unbelievable amount of storage space as well as the original mirror.  It also has two full size drawers. Love love love this one. Did I mention I really love this jewelry box?

Obviously I was thinking of a nursery when I put together this jewelry box. Imagine giving this as a baby shower gift.  Fill the inside with all things baby.  Or, if it's gonna be a girl imagine giving this as the little girl's first jewelry box? Fill it with headbands barrettes, etc...
The doors are cut out. Originally there were glass panes.  However, I dropped one of the panes. I actually like the box better being able to see through to the inside... but this was my mistake and therefore I will slightly reduce the price of the listing.

A sweet taste of summer. This jewelry box is clean and bright, it makes me happy just looking at it. The top opens showing off lots of compartments and the original mirror. The body of the box has four drawers and a area to hang necklaces and/or bracelets.
I will be adding a handle to the top drawer.

The fix boxes will be listed on HDV tonight at 7:00 CST. 
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