Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tetorial Tuesday: How to make Mod Podge

When refurbishing vintage jewelry boxes, I go through A LOT of decoupage. Inevitably I always run out when I need it most. The last thing I want to do, in the middle of a project, is load up the kids and run to the store for more. I've learned to be resourceful and make my own recipe which often works better then the real thing.

Granted I normally make small amounts at a time but thanks to Pinterest I was inspired to whip up a larger batch. Here's my homemade version:

  • A jar
  • Left over glue (I normally use Aleene's but Elmers works well too)
  • Water
 Step One: Pour your left over glue into an empty container

Step Two: Add water. I normally start with one part water two parts glue. I actually added too much water in the picture above and had to add more glue because I like my mixture a little on the thicker side. 

 Step Three: Find a cute little boy, or girl, to shake it like a Polaroid picture.  Okay, a cute kid isn't necessary but it makes the process so much more fun.
 Voila! Homemade decoupage. I used my homemade blend to add a little fabric to the jar lid.  Note: You may prefer the mixture to be a little thicker or thinner depending on your projects.
Good luck making your own home made decoupage. 
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  1. I have been waiting to run out of Modge Podge before trying this. Awesome! And what a little cutie shaking up that jar. lol.

    1. Stellar Junk - thank you so very much. I think he's pretty cute too :-) Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your comment.
      Have a Happy Day!
      Dana Douglas

  2. Thanks for this. Kind of hard finding Modge Podge here in Manila, so I'm definitely going to try making my own. :)

    1. Abbey, thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog and thank you so very much for the comment.
      Have a Happy Day!

  3. is this acid free? I know that Elmer's glue is NOT. There for placing it on any art piece, will be a waste. Take it from me, when I first started crafting I never used acid free glue, or acid free items, I just thought it was a hoax to get us to buy more expensive items. 10 years down the road, I have bleached out papers, ruined pictures, and lots of money wasted. Make Sure it is ACID FREE!

  4. Thank you everyone for the comment - I love comments from my readers. Jamie, I wish I knew the answer to that - unfortunately I do not.

  5. What kind of finish does this give? I love all the options I have with Mod Podge -- matte, glossy, satin -- I'm wondering which formula this would replace for me. Thanks!


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