Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Work it Wed - Cook like a Church Lady

I grew up a Pastor's kid in a small town located in south-west Minnesota. Oddly enough the cookbook created a bit of a competition between the women. 
Now that I'm a wife and a mother I find myself looking for new and creative recipes to serve my family and friends. Truth be told many of my favorite recipes come from the good 'ol Church Lady Cookbooks. These cookbooks are too good to keep to myself. Therefore I have decided to pull 'em out and share a few recipes for the "work it Wed" blog posts. 
The first cookbook I'm sharing is a great little book filled with original recipes from the ladies of St Mary's Church in Chokio, MN. 

 As you can see this cookbook is filled with recipes. Don't you just wonder what's in there? What family recipes, that have been handed down for generations, are hiding in this little gem? 
Today I'm sharing a salad, straight from this book and submitted by Mrs V.L. Harman, which would be perfect to bring on a picnic.

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