Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday - GWEN STEFANI

I love love love Gwen Stefani. She is my all time fav. How is it that she can pull off nearly every look at any given time. She's a rocker chic, tough, sweet, feminine, vintage, vogue, a great mama, business woman, etc... I could go on and on but I know you didn't come here to read my gushing review of Mrs Stefani. So let's get to the Fashion Friday with Vintage Etsy...

Shirt: Ready to Rave White Netted Party Tank Top $15.00
Pants:Vintage 80s LEVIS high waist DISTRESSED boyfriend fit 501s $32.00 Etsy Vintage outfit Total: $47.00

Shirt:Jersey and Lace $25.00 Belt: Vintage 70's Thick BASIC Brown Leather Belt S $10.00
Pants: Navy Issue Sailor Pants $45.00
Etsy Vintage Outfit Total: $80.00 Thanks for reading my blog and have a Happy Day!


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