Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday with Etsy - Anthropologie (yes, again)

Those of you who follow my Fashion Friday posts know I do an Anthropologie post ever couple months. Yes, I love the store but really, who doesn't?
Anthropologie has come out with a 50's collection. Come on Anthropolgie, you may as well named your collection the"Dana, Please do a Fashion Friday on us because we love Happy Day Vintage and think you're fabulous!" Did I go too far?

Our inspiration Photo curtsy of Anthropologie:
Cost of Anthropologie look (for skirt/belt and shirt only):
Well Over $200.00

Upper Left:Navy Snakeskin Belt $10.00
Lower Left:Anthropologie Inspiration Photo
Upper Right:Vintage White and Multi Polka Dot Blouse $24.00
(please note: at the time I put this blog together this shirt was available. It has since sold but the link provided will take you to another great vintage shirt which completes this same look at a fraction of the Anthropologie cost)
Lower Right: Vintage Oscar de le renta salmon lace skirt $88.00
Total Cost for Etsy Look: $122.00

Thank you for reading the Happy Day Vintage Blog
Have a Happy Day!
Dana Douglas

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  1. LOVE this look! And honestly I like the top you found on Etsy better :) I look forward to these posts--did I say that last Friday? Ha ha well you do a great job. Happy Friday!


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