Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barbara Billingsley Passes Away - Bringing back an old Blog post

The following is a post I released May 2009.  I thought I would re-post it due to the passing of Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver). 

The June Cleaver Story
A fashion icon in her own right. June is the perfect housewife. Always beautiful, proper, clean, happy, and best of all well dressed.

Today my mission is to get the June Cleaver look, style and feel shopping only on Etsy. No need to doubt me, it can be done. Not only can it be done but it can be done well and at a low cost. Don't believe me? Watch this.......

June wakes up and slips into her beautiful blue dress.

She clasps on the perfect pair of matching earrings.

Primping in the mirror June feels a little "saucy". She turns to her closet and pulls out her sexiest pair of heels.
But wait...let's not forget about the pearls. No self respecting woman ever leaves the house without her pearls.

Dressed to impress and looking good June ties on her apron

and whips up a batch of cookies for Wally and Beaver.

With the cookies in the oven June brews a batch of her best coffee and gets out her favorite coffee cups.

All in all it's just another perfect day in the perfect life of June Cleaver.

Eight items that encompass the personality that is June Cleaver.
Thank you for reading our June Cleaver story.
Have a Happy Day!


  1. I've got the apron, pearls, earrings, mixer, mugs and coffee pot. Need the dress and those gorgeous shoes! I'm really on my way to being June!

  2. Very cute! I love your clever idea on how to pull it all together by shopping on Etsy.

  3. What a fun post. I could totally be the modern day June Cleaver. If it's wrong to cook in pearls and stilettos I don't want to be right.

  4. As a person who watched Leave it to Beaver every Saturday on our black and white TV, I say you have got it down just right. Barbara Billingsley was a classy lady! Thanks for the nostalgia.


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